Bacopa Bridal Showers Plant Bacopa ‘Bridal Showers’™ - Bacopa Bridal Showers
Bacopa Cordata is a rather rapid spreading annual used in container planting. Creating a beautiful shower of tiny white flowers flowing. Blooms all summer in sun to part shade. Makes a lovely hanging baskets also … | 16.05. 2007
Bambusa arundinacea - Thorny Bamboo Bambusa arundinacea - Thorny Bamboo
From South China, this tall 100 bamboo is a large, lush ornamental but also is used in the tropics as a timber source and for paper pulp. The young stem sprouts are edible. Must be kept quite warm. Lives up to its name by creating an impenetrable wall of long hooked thorny branches … | 06.08. 2007
Bambusa graminea (Pleioblastus gramineus) - bamboo Bambusa graminea - bamboo
Synonym: Pleioblastus gramineus; Long, shiny green willowy leaves on slender branches. Suitable for sunny and shaded areas. Leaves are 20 cm long, 2 cm wide. Excellent for hedges or mixed arrangements. In CR it is considered hardy down to -20°C, however, each site has its own micro …
Begonia grandis - Hardy Begonia Begonia grandis - Hardy Begonia
Large, heart-shaped leaves add a lush, tropical texture in moist, shady gardens. Leaves have prominent red veins underneath and are especially showy if backlit by the sun. The flower is soft rose-pink, translucent and somewhat frosted, like satin glass. Plants are hardy as far north … | 07.09. 2007
Belamcanda chinensis - Leopard Lily Belamcanda chinensis - Leopard Lily
An unusual perennial for the warm sunny border with sword-like rich green leaves and clusters of delightfully speckled flowers, for the first time offered in a wide range of colors. In autumn the seed pods burst to reveal clusters of black seeds like blackberries. Will flower in its … | 25.01. 2008
Bergenia 'Magic Giant' - Bergenia Bergenia 'Magic Giant' - Bergenia
Plant in partial shade and well-drained, moisture retentive soil. for best, bold effect in the border, plant in masses. Magic Giant has huge, giant leaves which turn purple-bronze in the winter. rosy-pink flowers on red stems … | 18.11. 2007
Fox Valley River Birch Tree Betula nigra 'Little King' - Fox Valley River Birch
Fox Valley River Birch A dwarf selection of river birch with cinnamon and cream exfoliating bark. A great little tree for smaller landscapes or can be used as a large shrub on commercial sites. Excellent resistance to bronze birch borer.. Fantastic bonsai! The plant you will recieve … | 17.05. 2007
Betula pendula 'Youngii' - European weeping white birch Betula pendula 'Youngii' - European weeping white birch
European white birch is an attractive tree which, however, in its basic form is not suitable for small-sized gardens. But, we have a selection for you that is excellent for every garden or even a tiny spot at your doorway. It is a weeping white birch, called ´Youngii´. It is commonly …
Bismarkia nobilis - Bismark Fan Palm Bismarkia nobilis - Bismark Fan Palm
The Bismarck Fan Palm is another beautiful and desirable fan palm suitable for sub-tropical climates; although it can be grown as far north as Sarasota, Florida (freeze damage will occur, but the palm quickly recovers). Bismark Palms are native to Madagascar. Tolerates dought and … | 01.07. 2007
Dwarf Tree Fern - Blechum gibbum - Exotic - Dwarf Blechnum gibbum - Silver Lady Fern
Silver Lady Tree Fern (Blechnum brasiliense Silver Lady ) An exotic foliage plant that brings feathery greenery to a homes interior. Simply give this easy to grow fern moderate light, even moisture and minimal fertilizer and you will have a constant green companion. Dont over pot … | 20.05. 2007
Bletilla striata - Hyacinth Orchid Bletilla striata - Hyacinth Orchid
The Lavender Japanese Hyacinth Orchid is the ideal orchid to grow in the home. Each flower is a wonder of nature. Produces 6 or more exotic miniature orchid like flowers resembling the lovely Cattleya Orchid. It grows about 10-12 inches tall and is very easy to grow on a sunny windowsill … | 12.02. 2008
Bletilla striata - hyacinth orchid Bletilla striata - hyacinth orchid
How about a garden orchid? If you like unusual plants look at this princess from China. It is a hardy plant that can be planted outdoors down to USDA zone 5. Typically orchid-like flowers are magenta or lavender pink, 4-5 cm wide, borne at tips of 15-25 cm long stems. There can be …
Brahea armata - Hesper Palm Brahea armata - Hesper Palm
Distinctive, unique and attractive, the blue Mexican or Hesper palm has a crown of rigid leaves which radiate from the trunk top. Blue palms are considered by many to have the bluest leaves of any palm in the world. Blue palm may grow 50 tall and 16 in width. The blue palm trunk is … | 28.11. 2007
Brodiaea laxa 'Queen Fabiola' - triplet lily, wild hyacinth Brodiaea laxa 'Queen Fabiola' - triplet lily, wild hyacinth
Triplet lily is a beautiful and easy cormous perennial. It flowers in end May or June for about 3 weeks. Flowers are star shaped, violet-blue, borne on 30-50 long stems, each bearing about 10 blooms. Mid green leaves are linear. Cut flowers last 2 weeks in a vase, or left uncut in …
Brunnera macrophylla - Siberian Bugloss Brunnera macrophylla - Siberian Bugloss
The Heartleaf Brunnera is also called; False forget-me-not, or Siberian bugloss. It has clusters of small airy sky blue to purple blooms in May and June. Plants grow 12-18 tall and have attractive heart-shaped foliage. Heartleaf Brunnera thrives in moist well-drained soil rich in … | 16.09. 2007
Brunnera macrophylla 'Jack Frost' - Siberian Bugloss Brunnera macrophylla 'Jack Frost' - Siberian Bugloss
Brunnera is rhizomatous perennial with soft, hairy, hear-shaped leaves. Variety Jack Frost has large, silver leaves with strong, dark green veins and clearly defined margins. Clusters of forget-me-not like blue flowers appear on about 20cm tall stalks in early to mid spring …
Brunnera macrophylla 'Looking Glass' - Variegated Siberian Bugloss Brunnera macrophylla 'Looking Glass' - Variegated Siberian Bugloss
Brunnera macrophylla Looking Glass | Family: Boraginaceae | Origin: The species is native to Siberia. A brand new sport of Brunnera Jack Frost. The entire leaf is silver and as the plant matures, the kidney-shaped leaes curve and become almost perfectly rounded. PPAF … | 09.11. 2007
Brya ebenus - Jamaica Rain Tree Brya ebenus - Jamaica Rain Tree
This is a tough, spiny tree with an erupting growth habit. New branches burst straight up as if ejected by a volcano, cascading onto the countryside below as they become longer and heavier. Mature height is 30 feet, but it s easy to keep under 15 with annual pruning. Flowers in times … | 02.10. 2007
Buddleia davidii - Peacock Butterfly Bush Buddleia davidii - Peacock Butterfly Bush
Finally, colorful buddleia varieties that wont crowd their neighbors! Roughly a third the size of other butterfly bush varieties, the English Butterfly SeriesTM plants are extra bushy and loaded with colorful flowers … | 16.05. 2007
Buddleia davidii 'Adokeep' - Adonis Blue English Butterfly Bush Buddleia davidii 'Adokeep' - Adonis Blue English Butterfly Bush
Family: Loganiacead (Buddle-ia: after Adam Buddle, English botanist) They re fragrant, colorful and they attract butterflies. Bold, long blooming flowers. Treat them like a perennial in the north; cut them back heavily in the spring for better flowering … | 22.06. 2007