Bletilla striata - Hyacinth Orchid Bletilla striata - Hyacinth Orchid
The Lavender Japanese Hyacinth Orchid is the ideal orchid to grow in the home. Each flower is a wonder of nature. Produces 6 or more exotic miniature orchid like flowers resembling the lovely Cattleya Orchid. It grows about 10-12 inches tall and is very easy to grow on a sunny windowsill … | 12.02. 2008
Bletilla striata - hyacinth orchid Bletilla striata - hyacinth orchid
How about a garden orchid? If you like unusual plants look at this princess from China. It is a hardy plant that can be planted outdoors down to USDA zone 5. Typically orchid-like flowers are magenta or lavender pink, 4-5 cm wide, borne at tips of 15-25 cm long stems. There can be …