German: Tulpe
Czech: tulipán
Genus: Tulipa, tulip
Mature Height: 0.10 m
Bloom in: IV
Flower Colour: redbluepurple
Soil Preferred:: penetrability, nutritive,
Light Required:: full sun
Other Attributes: bulb, fruit - capsule, use for rockery, attractive flowers,

Tulipa kurdica



Tulipa kurdica   tulip plant

Plants of Genus Tulipa:

Forum: Tulipa kurdica, tulip, Tulipa, tulip

Garden Shops: Tulipa - tulip
Wellindal UK: Superstudio Gloss White Tulip Low Stool 5 Kg Superstudio Gloss White Tulip Low Stool 5 Kg

With its innovative style and soft combination of oblique lines, it is understandable that the Tulip low stool has become an icon of design of the last century. In this special edition, the structure is made of fiberglass and fully upholstered with fabric cashmere high quality and durability. The swivel base is lacquered aluminum smelter. Fiber structure glossy white glass. ...

Price: 85.13 £
Wellindal UK / Footrest

Wellindal UK: Superstudio Tulip Chair Cover 8 Kg Superstudio Tulip Chair Cover 8 Kg

Design chair, foot made of aluminum lacquered cast, abs seat upholstered with high density foam and cotton. One of the most distinctive designs of the twentieth century, in a special version, excellent quality. Suitable for dining room or office, although its adaptability to Annex furniture makes it very versatile in its placement in any corner of the home. The upholstery is not pure white, is CREMA. ...

Price: 140.73 £
Wellindal UK / Chairs for dining room