Neomarica Caerulea ‘Regina’ - Blue Walking Iris Neomarica Caerulea ‘Regina’ - Blue Walking Iris
The Blue Walking Iris is native to Brazil. It grows well in the ground or in pots. It is hardy in zone 10 and elsewhere should be grown as a houseplant or patio plant. Bright filtered light is prefered, but it will also grow in shade. Water when on the dry side. The flowering season … | 30.07. 2007
Nepenthes ventricosa - Nepenthes Nepenthes ventricosa - Nepenthes
One of the best and easiest species to start with, this plant produces pink/red traps with a narrow waist and is exceptionally easy to grow. Distribution: Philippines. Nepenthes are commonly known as pitcher plants or monkey cups as the tips of some leaves form jug like structures … | 07.02. 2008
Nephrolepis cordifolia 'Duffii' - Erect Sword Fern Nephrolepis cordifolia 'Duffii' - Erect Sword Fern
This great little fern does well in a wide range of conditions but best of all is that it is compact in size and is one of the few ferns that fairs well with neglect and does extremely well in wet habitats. It stays under 12 tall and sends creeping runners which sprout new plantlets … | 25.01. 2008
New Complete Guide to Gardening New Complete Guide to Gardening
If you re in the market for an all-around garden guide to get you primed for the planting season, this beautiful, well-organized book will meet all your needs. The cover s floral effusion will brighten your coffee table, and inside you ll find what you need to get started or to grow … | 12.09. 2006
New Complete Guide to Landscaping New Complete Guide to Landscaping: Design, Plant, Build
The perfect companion to the Better Homes and Gardens New Complete Guide to Gardening. Illustrated easy-to-follow instructions for planning, designing, and building typical landscape projects … | 08.09. 2006
New Garden Design Inspiring Private Paradises New Garden Design Inspiring Private Paradises
From vegetable and succulent gardens to sculpture and rose gardens to mountain and waterfront gardens, New Garden Design covers a range of interpretations incorporating walls, fountains, pavilions, canals, pools, terraces and groves in unexpected ways. The resulting new garden is … | 17.07. 2008