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Clematis ´Nelly Moser' - Clematis Plants / Climber Plants

Hybrid Clematis - Nelly Moser (Red-Barred Mauve)

Enormous flowers--8-9 inches across--cover the vines June through frost. Vivid colors make the blossoms look tropical, but clematis is tough and hardy--nearly carefree once established. Requires a support (something thin, like wire or chain link, will work best) and climbs 8-12 feet. Does best when planted …

Caring for Clematis (2) Plants / Climber Plants

Clematis - Caring for Clematis

PruningWhile it is not mandatory to prune Clematis, you will find that your plant is more attractive and will produce more flowers if properly cared for. Pruning also enables you to control the size and growth of the plant and allows you to remove dead or damaged parts. …