Dendrocalamus membranaceus Dendrocalamus membranaceus - May Sang Bamboo
A 50 tall clumping bamboo from Burma with straight culms. It develops 4 diameter canes that are bright green with green leaves. Can tolerate some cold to 34 F. It is ideally grown in full sun in warm zones with high humidity. A beautiful lowlands species noted for its very smooth … | 06.08. 2007
Dendrocalamus strictus - Iron Bamboo Dendrocalamus strictus - Iron Bamboo
Iron Bamboo is the common name for the genus and species Dendrocalamus strictus. Native to India, it is unique in that it is thick-walled, often solid, and probably the strongest bamboo in the world. Max. Height: 60 feet; Max. Diameter: 5 inches; Min. Temperature: 25º F … | 24.09. 2007