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Clematis: Inspiration, Selection & Practical Guidance

Inspiration, Selection & Practical Guidance | Clematis are among the most showy of flowering perennials. They are surprisingly easy to cultivate in a wide range of temperate climates-there is a clematis perfect for almost every region in North America, and they come in spring and autumn blooming varieties. Their increasing popularity is well deserved, and reflects the beauty of their flowers, the fragrance of some of their cultivars, and the grand shape and flow of these bushes that can define the architecture of a garden.

This handsome volume combines the unrivalled visual allure of clematis with a wealth of practical information on growing and gardening with these romantic garden favorites.

Author: Charles Chesshire,
Publisher: Rizzoli International Publications , 2004-10-01
ISBN: 0847826449, EAN: 9780847826445
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