The Plant Lover's Guide to Clematis

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The Plant Lover's Guide to Clematis

Clematis are the royalty of climbing plants. With their lush flowers, long season of bloom, and attractive seedheads, they are eagerly sought by almost every gardener in the temperate world. The Plant Lover’s Guide to Clematis by clematis expert Linda Beutler includes information on using the plants in the garden, designing with them, and growing and maintenance tips. A plant directory highlights 196 of the best cultivars and species. Full of suggested companion plants and hundreds of gorgeous color photographs, this book covers everything a home gardener needs to introduce these delightful plants into their garden.

With their sumptuous colors and generous display of flowers, clematis are unrivaled among climbing (and sometimes shrubby) plants. Whether you favor the spectacular large-flowered hybrids or the elegant small-flowered hybrids and species, you’ll learn the best plants for your garden along with expert advice on design, propagation, and maintenance—including clear instructions on the often confusing subject of pruning. Linda Beutler has been the curator of the Rogerson Clematis Collection since 2007 and in 2013 was elected the first American president of the International Clematis Society.

The Plant Lover’s Guide books offer a rich source of information on both new and classic garden plants. Written by enthusiastic experts, they recommend the best varieties for different situations, inspire ideas for new plant combinations, and are packed with resources for the home gardener. These gorgeous guides celebrate the beauty of each plant and form a comprehensive library that every plant lover will want to own.
Author: Linda Beutler,
Publisher: Timber Press, 2016-03-23

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