Breadfruit Production Guide

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Breadfruit Production Guide

Breadfruit Production Guide: Recommended practices for growing, harvesting, and handling
Despite increasing consumer demand and an imminent production surge in breadfruit, a number of barriers must be overcome in order to increase the market availability, distribution, and commercial competitiveness of breadfruit.

Many growers have limited understanding of when a fruit is ready to harvest and how to best harvest and handle the fruit to ensure a high quality product is delivered to market. As with any perishable crop—producers must learn proper handling of breadfruit to optimize its value to consumers, and therefore its commercial value. Similarly, chefs and consumers also need essential information on handling and preparation of breadfruit. This comprehensive 36-page guide will help growers ensure that the existing and future breadfruit crop will be used on farm, in the marketplace, or in the consumer’s kitchen. This second edition adds kitchen handling tips, nutritional information, and descriptions for three important breadfruit varieties

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