Plants: Acanthus mollis 'Tasmanian Angel' - Bear's Breeches

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Acanthus mollis 'Tasmanian Angel' - Bear's Breeches

Acanthus mollis 'Tasmanian Angel': Large, Handsome Leaves Sport Gold in Spring, White in Summer A stylish new look for the classic favorite Bear's Breeches, Tasmanian Angel begins spring with new leaves of dark blue-green edged and freckled in gold. As the weather warms, the gold turns to yellow, then ivory, and finally pure white, all the while calling attention to these large, deeply lobed leaves.

Developed in Tasmania from the European species of Acanthus, Tasmanian Angel flourishes in enriched, moist soil. In late spring, a giant 5-foot spike rises from the center of the plant, studded with white buds. The buds burst open into powder-pink blooms that remain for weeks, held well above the foliage (which reaches just 20 inches high) like a pennant of soft color in the lightly shaded garden.Tasmanian Angel reaches about 3 feet wide, and makes a nice presence in large containers as well

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