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california red,

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gardens, iris family,

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agave plants, argemone mexicana, hibiscus, chironia gratissima, liane ilang, light pink, natural hybrids, pittosporaceae, popular food, private gardens, svenhedinia, traditional chinese,

170 - 180x

afrikaans, aguamiel, andromeda canadensis, annonaceae, ardisia polycephala, artemisia australis, artocarpus, birches, blackberry rubus, bromelia comosa, carrizo, cerasus serrulata, cotton bush, custard apple, dogberry, east asian, evergreen, evergreen deciduous, gomphocarpus physocarpus, hondurensis, hornbeams, lady slipper, maui silversword, mezerein, paphs, perennial epiphytic, sakhalin, scrubland, sorbus glabrata, southern arabian, subtilis, sugarcane, syria, wild ipecacuanha,

180 - 190x

alba, aloe mitriformis, aloe varies, ananas aurata, ananas bracteatus, andromeda glaucifolia, andromeda grandiflora, aristolochia littoralis, bloodflower milkweed, bromelia viridis, buergeria, bulbous oatgrass, cape dandelion, crab, green pedalai, guillimia, champaca, invasive, italy, japanese flowering, jumbie bead, large fruits, leaved ivy, macrocephalum, manitoba, mauiensis, melastomataceae, mexican pricklypoppy, onion rooted, padat ngan, peanut, philippines, pinkfringe, poppy, red cotton, saban nga, sherlock holme, silversword alliance, sorbus serotina, south pacific, southern african, southern china, tadiang hmwe, tail grape, terap, tulipastrum, understory tre, uvaria uncata, west indian, wild ipecac,

190 - 200x

agave theometel, akar saga, ananas maxima, annona uncinata, areca vestiaria, artocarpus altilis, artocarpus communis, artocarpus incisa, atropunicea, aucuparia sylvestris, bignoneaceae seedlings, cambodia, caprifoliaceae, cardo, daisy, eastern black, echinocereus triglochidiatus, europe, european red, exotic fragrance, finger, flowering period, flowering tree, georgia, heart shaped, helleborus niger, hibiscus esculentus, chamaedaphne calyculata, jatropha manihot, korean island, kradang nga, large tree, maine, manihot manihot, manoranjini, marguerite daisy, mezcal, michelia, moraceae, ornamental fruits, perennial flowering, prickly poppy, public parks, red gum, reed, rocky places, rosary pea, rowan, small deciduous, small flowers, sorbus amabilis, sorbus discolor, strawberry, sweet gum, tall perennial, tarap, uvaria odoratissima, variegata, venidium,