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Jasminum officinale - Poet's Jasmine Plants / Climber Plants

Jasminum officinale - Poet's Jasmine

Light: Bright light with some direct sunlight each day in eastern or western exposure. Watering: Keep soil moist as Jasmine can easily wilt. When growth slows in winter, hold back on watering a bit more. Temperature: Jasminum officinale var. grandiflorum blooms best with a cool night temperature. …

How to Plant Hostas? Plants / Perennials

How to Plant Hostas?

Planting Hostas in soil: Preparation is the key to success. If you can double dig your hosta or flower bed in early autumn and leave the sods of soil intact do not walk over what you dig. Allow the frost in the winter months to break the sods down. Then in Early Spring fork over the soil and rake to …

Geranium Oglevee at the Greenhouse Other / Software, DVD

Geranium Oglevee at the Greenhouse

Geranium Oglevee Work organic compost into high quality container potting soil that contains ingredients such as peat moss, vermiculite and perlite. Choose locations getting direct sun for most geraniums. Feed your geraniums every two weeks with a balanced fertilizer. …