Plants: Morus nigra - black mulberry

06.09. 2011 11:16:25 (abies)
Topic: Plants / Fruit woods

Morus nigra - black mulberry

The black mulberry is generally considered the best tasting of the various mulberry species. It is grown for its delicious, raspberry-like fruit, mulberries. They have a unique tart-sweet taste and are eaten fresh or can be used just like any berry.

The fruit, green at first, turns red then a deep, dark purple in late summer when it is ready to be picked. Black mulberry is a medium sized deciduous tree usually only to 6-9m but can reach 15m. It has heart-shaped leaves and inconspicuous flowers in late spring. Trees are fairly adaptable, but grow best in deep, moist, light soils. Mildly drought tolerant, but water should be provided during long dry spells. Plant in full sun and shelter from cold, drying winds. If we want to restrict their growth we can prune it at the end of Winter. Fertilization is generally unneccessary. Trees are known to be very long lived and can bear fruit for several hundred years. Because of its qualities black mulberry is a plant of outstanding excellence.
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