Plants: Caryopteris x clandonensis 'Kew Blue' - bluebeard

01.08. 2011 11:48:12 (Milan Havlis)
Topic: Plants / Deciduous Shrubs

Caryopteris x clandonensis 'Kew Blue' - bluebeard

Bluebeard is an attractive shrub with rare late summer/early autumn flowering. In colder zones it is supposed to be a perennial rather than a woody shrub as it may freeze down to the ground.

Should it happen to your one, don't worry - it is suggested to cut it back every spring anyway, the plant will then form new branches which bear enormous number of beautiful blue flowers that attract butterflies. The foliage is silvery green, deciduous. No special soil requirements, it prefers moist places.

Size/type: low or groundcovering
Usual height: 1m
Usual width:
Leaves: deciduous broadleaf
Colour of leaves:
Flowers: showy
Colour of flowers:
Blooming time: august - september
Location: full to partial sun
For zone 5+6: code of winter protection zone 5+6
For zone 7: code of winter protection zone 7
Belongs to categories: summer blooms, deciduous broadleaf
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