Lily - Lilium x hybridum Erfordia

Lilium x hybridum 'Erfordia' - Lily

Plant Encyclopedia: Lily - Lilium x hybridum 'Erfordia'
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krumpold | (Lilium x hybridum) Lilie Erfordia - OT hybridy
(Lilium x hybridum) Lilie Erfordia - OT hybridy
krumpold | (Lilium x hybridum) Lilie Erfordia - OT hybridy
(Lilium x hybridum) Lilie Erfordia - OT hybridy

Articles: Lilium

Lilium 'First Crown' - lily04.02.2009
Lilium 'First Crown' - lily
Lilies are not just beautiful cut flowers. In perennial beds same as carefully planted among shrubs or trees they will dazzle with bright colours, shapes, and sizes of their blooms. And be sure we select the grandest of the great ones only! ...
Lilium 'Lovely Girl' - Oriental Lily14.01.2008
Lilium 'Lovely Girl' - Oriental Lily
Exceptionally fine, fragrant lily! Jaunty white petals sporting yellow stripes and maroon spots. Blooms in midsummer. The regal splendor of Oriental lilies gives the crowning touch to your summer garden. They carry your garden through the hot summer into balmy autumn with their magnificent blooms, which ...
Lilium 'Tango Halloween' - Asiatic Lily14.08.2007
Lilium 'Tango Halloween' - Asiatic Lily
Halloweeen: Orange with Black Markings The Tango Lilies are a wonderful new hybrid of the popular Asiatic Lily. The flowers are enormous and vibrantly colored with each variety lavishly speckled in unique formations. In 1989, Piet Schenk, a Dutch Lily Hybridizer, bought pollen from Mr. Orekhof of Latvia, ...
Lilium 'Boogie Woogie' - Oriental-Trumpet Lily05.07.2007
Lilium 'Boogie Woogie' - Oriental-Trumpet Lily
Yellow with a soft pink edge These new Exclusive Orient and Trumpet Lily varieties are in a class by themselves and are a hybridizer s perfect cross between the exotic Orientals and regal Trumpet Lily varieties. They are sometimes referred to as Orientpets. ...