Marie Fárová | (Rosa) Růže 'Kordes Jubilee' - květ
(Rosa) Růže 'Kordes Jubilee' - květ
Marie Fárová | (Rosa) Růže 'Kordes Jubilee'
(Rosa) Růže 'Kordes Jubilee'
Marie Fárová | (Rosa) Růže 'Kordes Jubilee'
(Rosa) Růže 'Kordes Jubilee'
Marie Fárová | (Rosa) Růže 'Kordes Jubilee'
(Rosa) Růže 'Kordes Jubilee'
cz krumpold | (Rosa sp) Růže 'Kordes Jubilee'
(Rosa sp) Růže 'Kordes Jubilee'

Articles: Rosa

Rosa nutkana - Nootka Rose, Nutka Rose25.05.2011
Rosa nutkana - Nootka Rose, Nutka Rose
Synonym: Rosa nutkanaensis Rosa nutkana also named Nootka rose or Wild rose comes from the Cinnamomeae family. It is native of Western North America. Rosa nutkana is a deciduous, woody shrub that grows up to 10ft and 4ft. wide. ...
Rosa 'Dark Red' - rose04.08.2008
Rosa 'Dark Red' - rose
Dark Red is a patio/polyantha rose (the botanists are in disagreement as far as naming the groups). It has double flowers of velvet-like deep red colour. These roses are low maintenance but still breathtaking, low, cluster-flowered shrubs. They bloom from end spring in several phases until the frosts. ...
Rosa 'Mundi' - shrub rose17.03.2008
Rosa 'Mundi' - shrub rose
A sport from Officinalis and an equally good shrub but with crimson flowers, striped with white. A very showy plant, giving a wonderful effect in the garden. Will form a very good low hedge. Non-repeating. ...
Rosa 'Falstaff Climbing' - climbing rose17.03.2008
Rosa 'Falstaff Climbing' - climbing rose
Large, cupped, full-petalled flowers of rich, dark crimson, eventually turning to a most pleasing shade of rich purple. Powerful Old Rose fragrance. Makes a striking climber of 6 ft - 8ft. ...