Garden Design Solutions

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Garden Design Solutions: Ideas for Outdoor Spaces
Award-winning garden designer Stephen Woodhams demonstrates how to make the most of any outside space, whether it is a typical urban garden, exposed roof terrace or shady courtyard. Drawing on his many years of experience designing gardens of all sizes in different climates around the world, Stephen shares his expertise and offers clever design solutions for all types of outdoor spaces in a range of styles.

Garden Design Solutions

Illustrated with inspiring photographs, plans and three-dimensional visuals of some of his practice's most celebrated projects, Stephen gives advice on everything from conceiving a scheme and planning the layout to choosing surfaces, materials and furnishings that will make your garden an extension of your home that can be enjoyed all year. There are ideas for devising planting schemes that will provide colour, texture and scent through the seasons, and advice on how to make your garden environmentally friendly and create points of interest with arches, water features and other structures. There are also many techniques for using scale and proportion to create the illusion of greater volume.

Case studies offer detailed insights into exemplary garden layouts, design choices and planting plans, illustrating clever solutions for incorporating all your requirements into your outside space.

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