Grow Native: Bringing Natural Beauty to Your Garden

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Grow Native: Bringing Natural Beauty to Your Garden
Learn how to transform your yard into a beautiful landscape using native plants!

Grow Native: Bringing Natural Beauty to Your Garden

Grow Native: Bringing Natural Beauty to Your Garden

You don't have to compromise beauty for natural landscapes with ecological responsibility and sustainability. In master gardener Lynn Steiner's book Grow Native, you'll find guidance for planting stunning gardens using native species that support your local ecosystem. Organized in an easily accessible way, the book offers instructions for planting, maintenance instructions, helpful tips about soil, watering and fertilizing as well as gorgeous photography. With guidance about how to weave native plants into your landscape and replacing common ornamentals with natural plants, this book should have a place on every gardener's bookshelf.

Grow Native combines inspirational garden shots of native landscapes with plant specific chapters and photos. Topics covered include:

Hardiness Zone Maps
Inspiration Gallery: Gardens Full of Native Plants
Why Grow Natives?
What Do You Mean by "Native"?
Lower Water Usage / Drought-Tolerant
Hardier / Tougher
Easier Care
Design with Natives
How to Incorporate Natives into Your Landscape
Replacing Common Ornamentals
All About Native Plants
Ornamental Grasses & Grasslike Plants
Trees & Conifers
Woody Ornamentals (Shrubs and Vines)
Bog Plants
Basic Growing Tips (planting, soil, watering, fertilizing)
Native Solutions for Special Situations

Additionally, sidebars throughout Naturescape offer pointers for attracting specific butterflies, birds, bees and other beneficials to your yard--all through plant selections.
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