Drought-Resistant Planting

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Drought-Resistant Planting: Lessons From Beth Chatto's Gravel Garden Product Description: The story of how Beth Chatto created her gravel garden on 'possibly the driest, and the most windswept, piece of soil in England' has a message of hope for gardeners everywhere. At the outset she promised herself: 'This garden was not to be irrigated in times of drought. Once established the plants must fend for themselves or die.'

Drought-Resistant Planting

The results, eloquently described by the author and beautifully portrayed in Steven Wooster's specially commissioned photographs taken through the seasons, testify to the triumphant outcome of the adventure.

Showing how her principles can be applied on any scale, this book is an essential read for any gardener facing water shortages and poor soil. Rich with hard-won tips and expressed in Beth Chatto's matchless style, this is a gardening classic.

Author: Beth Chatto
Publisher: Frances Lincoln , 2016-06-30
ISBN: 0711238111, EAN: 9780711238114

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