Garden Ponds, Fountains & Waterfalls for Your Home

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Garden Ponds, Fountains & Waterfalls for Your Home

Garden Ponds, Fountains & Waterfalls for Your Home provides essential information on designing and installing all types of home water gardens, from naturalistic to formal, plus fountains, waterfalls, streams, and bog gardens.

With dozens of inspiring photographs, readers will learn how to construct each of these structures, as well as how to design bridges and stepping-stones. Garden Ponds, Fountains & Waterfalls for Your Home also has a comprehensive plant encyclopedia and special sections on aquatic plant, fish and other pond inhabitants. Homeowners will learn all they need to know about creating and maintaining the water garden of their dreams.

* More than 490 color photographs and illustrations
* Step-by-step photos and illustrations of construction techniques
* Advice and plants for all regions, with special tips for gardens in extreme conditions
* Extensive aquatic plant encyclopedia
* Special section on fi sh and other pond inhabitants
* Sources and resources for special supplies
* Expert advice on all aspects of water gardening

Author: Editors of Creative Homeowner,
Publisher: Creative Homeowner , 2011-07-25
ISBN: 1580115063, EAN: 9781580115063
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