Plants: Syringa vulgaris 'Sensation' - lilac

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Syringa vulgaris 'Sensation' - lilac

Lilacs are famous shrubs with showy flowers from May to June. Rich and dense upright panicles of tiny, fragrant flowers last for 3-4 weeks. Sensation is a variety with a perfect name. Its individual flowers are deep purple to violet with rich, white margins = an eye-catcher even for those who consider lilacs far too usual. They are strongly fragrant.

Stiff leaves are heart-shaped, upto 10 cm long, mid to dark green. Lilacs are popular for showy flowers as well as dense foliage which make them ideal for informal hedges. As it flowers on previous year’s growths any pruning should be done immediately after flowering – in June.

It is soil adaptable and likes full sun or partial shade. Absolutely hardy to -40°C (USDA zone 3).
Milan Havlis, Specializované zahradnictví
Chlumec 23, 382 32 Velešín, Czech republic

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