Wildflowers 2008

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Wildflowers 2008

The welcome, reassuring sight of wildflowers brings unexpected pleasures throughout the year. Sometimes subtle, sometimes extravagant, these random, uncultivated plants turn up in meadows, forests and mountain valleys, on riverbanks and roadsides, and in parks and swamps. They blanket entire fields in a swath of color. And although they're common, they greet us in a most uncommon range of shapes, sizes and colors. Wildflowers 2008 is an enchanting collection displaying the work of world-renowned photographers. Informative captions touch on botany, plant culture and more. Every month is wildflower season and certain to brighten a year filled with delight.

Author: Firefly Books,
Publisher: Firefly Books , 2007-06-21
ISBN: 155297331X, EAN: 9781552973318
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