Country Living Cottage Gardens

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Country Living Cottage Gardens (Country Living)

There’s no garden more evocative than a cottage garden, and no experts more knowledgeable about how to devise the perfect design than leading horticulture authority Toby Musgrave and the editors at Country Living. Musgrave reveals, with the help of outstanding images by award-winning photographer Jerry Harpur, that cottage gardening actually encompasses a wide range of approaches. Almost any gardener will find the answer to his or her dreams, whether it’s a sweetly scented romantic garden, complete with a gentle fountain and secluded bower, or one that’s formal with tightly clipped yews and precise plantings. Eight designs focus on particular themes and climates, and all include a detailed plan and plant list, making it easy to re-create or adapt Toby Musgrave’s beautiful arrangements.

Author: Toby Musgrave,
Publisher: Hearst , 2007-04-01
ISBN: 1588166619, EAN: 9781588166616
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